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shsl prince

白河 晃彦 shirakawa akihiko

age 17.

room number to be assigned.

sex/gender: male/male

link to electronic student ID card —


Akihiko is a prince from the kingdom of Abendalia, a small, hidden land in Europe. His parents were the king and queen of this land, and ruled as fairly and equally as they could, although there was still a separation in classes they could not avoid. As as result, on a night when Akihiko was just 4 years old, local thieves from the lowest class managed to break past the security and raided the castle, in the process muderering nearly all of his family members, including all of his siblings and his father. Akihiko and his mother had been lucky enough to hide in a closet, making them the only survivors of the attack. Unfortunately, from that night on, he was the victim of constant nightmares about the event, regardless of his little understanding of what had happened.

The queen managed to stay strong about the tragedy and continued to raise Akihiko to the best of her ability, as normally as she could so that eventually he would forget and completely move on, with the help of her personal maids. She taught him all the skills he would need to know as prince and more. He became fluent in English and Japanese, in addition to his local language, and developed a liking for music. In the process, he was very sheltered and rarely left the castle, until the fateful day that he received the invitation from Kibougamine. It was a long ways away, but they had recognized him for his excellent skills in leading the country in the place of his father and more, naming him SHSL Prince.


Generally a very kind and gentle person, Akihiko does his best to please his acquaintances. He takes very much after his mother’s teachings, who shaped him to be a forgiving and amiable individual. Even though it is a typical trait of a person belonging to royalty to be somewhat stuck-up and pretentious, he keeps himself away from all of that, knowing that it won’t get anything good. Akihiko is very humble in that sense. He does have the tendency to seem flirtatious at times ( he’ll sweep all the ladies off of their feet :3c ), although it is only his manner of being extremely courteous, even chivalrous.

A very prominent thing about him (of course, if you pay close attention) is that he will veer away from any talk about his deceased family members or his past. If someone decides to ask him about it, he will use any means to avoid the subject, whether by going on a completely different tangent or just acting as if it wasn’t mentioned at all, because he’s afraid to ponder it. He’s only willing to open up about it if he’s very close to the person mentioned, because he breaks down, tears and all, every time he tries to remember. He still gets nightmares about it every once in a while. It’s become his insecurity, his chink in his iron armor.


- he loves playing or hearing someone play the piano. it helps him relax. he also likes the violin, although he can’t play it himself.


mother - very close friend and trusted relative. he can talk to her about anything, as she was both a mother and a father to him. he is grateful for her support and caretaking.

father (deceased) - didn’t get to know him very well since he was just 4 years old when his father passed away, though he still respects him as a father figure.

miss nanami - the head maid, who raised him alongside his own mother. she was also a great friend to him, and he saw her as a second mother.


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